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Online Lithuania Passport and Visa Photos - £15

You can order your Lithuania passport, visa and ID photos online. Send us a suitable photo and pay through PayPal using the online order form on the left. (No account needed). Don't worry - if the photo you send us is not up to scratch we will email you to request another.

If you are sending us a photo, read our Photo Guidelines

Orders are posted out from our London studios within 24 hours of being received. Postal delivery can take up to one week depending on your location in the world.

If you require a resized digital picture for an online Lithuania visa or passport application, send us your photo using the online order and payment form and we will resize it for you and send it back by email.

Visit our Passport Photo Studio - £15 per set

If you live in London, you are welcome to pop into our Camden High Street Studios and have your Lithuania passport and visa photo taken and printed by an experienced staff member. The process takes around 10 minutes and no appointment is neccessary. If you really want to look your very best for your Lithuania passport and visa photos, then consider having a fabulous passport makeover photo shoot.

Lithuania Passport & Visa Photos - Size, Specifications & Requirements

Lithuania Passport Photo

Lithuania Passport and Visa Pictures - Please Provide UNCUT

Slightly complicated rules but the final result should look like the above photo

  • Photo size shall be 40 x 60 mm
  • Taken in such a way that it would be possible to cut out 35 x 45 mm rectangles
  • Distance from the upper edge of the photo to the top of the head shall be 2-4 mm
  • Distance from the top of the head to the chin shall be 31-35 mm
  • Distance from the chin to the bottom edge shall be 8-10 mm
  • Face shall be in the same distance from right-hand and left-hand edges
  • The head shall be upright so that an imaginary horizontal line drawn between the centres of the eyes is parallel to the top edge of the picture
  • The whole face, both eyes, top of both shoulders shall be clearly visible
  • The applicant shall be looking at the camera with neutral expression and mouth closed
  • The photo shall be rejected if the applicant displays is laughing, yawning or frowning
  • When the applicant is wearing a head cover, then the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, chin shall be clearly visible
  • The applicant’s face shall not be colour-painted nor ornamented, except for the common make-up, permanent tattoos, permanent ornaments denoting a membership in an appropriate religious community or order
  • he photo in which the applicant is shown wearing a head cover and/or special clothing shall be accompanied by a mediatory letter and shall be provided by members of religious communities or order acknowledged by the State only. However, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, chins must still be clearly visible.
  • Applicants who wear glasses daily shall be pictured wearing them
  • Glasses shall not have tinted nor coloured lense.
    The frames shall not cover any part of the eyes and preferably shall not be heavy
  • Photo shall not display flash reflection on lenses
  • If a photo of a little baby cannot be taken without getting it blurry and distorted, it is permitted to have a proportionally smaller face picture, however the distance from the top of the head to the chin shall be bigger than 25 mm
  • Deviations from the requirements are tolerated if the applicant is disabled and his/her natural posture or expression does not meet the general requirements
  • Photo shall show the applicant alone, with no other people or items visible
  • Photo of children up to one year of age may be taken while holding them in hands, lying or sitting in a chair, however the background still must be bright, monochrome
  • Background shall be such that contrast with face, hair, clothing is kept when converting the photo into greyscale
  • Background must be very bright, monochrome, monotone. No shadows allowed.
  • If the hair of the applicant is very bright, background should be darker (~18% of grey), to have contrast

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can help with your Lithuania passport, visa, ID and baby photo requirements.

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